Did you know that pedicures are not just a massage and polish on the feet and toes? They include a lot more than just that.

A pedicure helps to clean and moisturise your feet and also provides excellent care to the nails.

A pedicure includes a foot soak, foot scrub using a microplane foot file, foot and leg exfoliation, foot and leg massage with hot boots to help absorb all the massage cream into the skin, cuticle work, nail clipping, nail shaping and finally nail polishing.

Getting a pedicure done monthly is advisable as this way your therapist would be able to detect any early signs of any fungal infections, corns or other things.

Here is a TOP TIP: So just like summer bodies, smooth, soft summer feet are made in winter. You need to keep on top of your feet during the winter months aswell as the summer months. Pedicures during the winter will not only provide the necessary nourishment for your feet but it will also keep away any dryness during the winter and prep them well for summer.

If you are doing your nails at home in between your pedicure treatments why not do them using the correct products to help maintain them and also to keep the nails in good condition.

Instead of using a regular top coat you could use the JESSICA BRILLIANCE HIGH GLOSS top coat. Not only does this top coat dry the polish within minutes but it also contains uv inhibitors and polymers which prevent the polish from chipping, smudging or yellowing.

You could also use the JESSICA PHENONOMEN Oil which is used for a few things. It is a light textured oil that can be massaged into the cuticles and nails which ill help to strengthen the nails, especially nails that are dry and brittle. You can also use this oil to apply it to any rough skin you may have such as hard skin on the soles of the feet, toes, elbows and even on dry lips.

So why don't you treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure at In Vogue Skin & Beauty.